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Our New Place (hopefully!)

Fresh Start

Where did 2011 go? We had such a promising start, but boy, did life get in the way of getting much done down at lillehjem. Between 4-H for the boys, my trip to NYC, 2 camping trips, various lessons and… continue reading »

First Day of Clearing

We spent Mothers’ Day clearing our little space on the family land.  There are at least 232 eucalyptus trees/trunks that need to come down along what we call the Eucalyptus Trail.  It’s lovely having so many along the trail, but… continue reading »


Come on in!  Join us as we build a little cluster of tiny homes we’re calling “Lillehjem” for our family of four. We’re just at the beginning, but hope to make it ready enough to move in in just a… continue reading »