Fresh Start

New Years' Sunrise

Where did 2011 go? We had such a promising start, but boy, did life get in the way of getting much done down at lillehjem. Between 4-H for the boys, my trip to NYC, 2 camping trips, various lessons and such, we have been on the run like no one’s business. We did manage to lay in a generous stash of firewood for the winter for us, the grands & our neighbors (in return for a fabulous culvert for the driveway), but here in Central CA, winter doesn’t seem to want to show up.

Perfect weather to get serious about working on lillehjem. Come hell or high water, staying in tents or the 5th-wheel trailer, we will be moving down there by the end of June. The thought is that by only having to focus on one mountain property’s requirements, we’ll be able to get things done a bit faster! But, life might be a bit nicer having a solid roof than a tent. Wish us luck and here’s to 2012 – a year of adventure, building, moving & more!

2 January 2012

One response to Fresh Start

  1. Linda said:

    I am looking forward to you documenting your building adventure and of course, now, I really want to see what your cat Squish looks like.

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