First Day of Clearing

We spent Mothers’ Day clearing our little space on the family land.  There are at least 232 eucalyptus trees/trunks that need to come down along what we call the Eucalyptus Trail.  It’s lovely having so many along the trail, but they shed like crazy, suck up extremely valuable water (that we need here in dry CA), & create massive widow-makers that we would rather not have fall on us anytime soon.

Dad picking which tree to fell next.
My folks are a great help — Dad has nearly every tool known to mankind
and Mom and I enjoy doing the “unskilled labor” of hauling brush.
Ryan doing the bucking.
Ry is so very patient with me and my crazy ideas — building some sort of alternative house
has been a vision of mine for years and he’s amazingly willing to go along for the ride!
Cort hauling.
Cade helping with a tree.
Even the boys are helping off and on. Cade wasn’t dressed for the occasion
since he spent most of the day building boxes/frames for his beehives.
Farnsworth approves of the driveway.
Our truck on the sweet little driveway coming into Lillehjem.
A small pile of downed trees.
Just a few of the 42 trees + limbs we pulled down that day. Eucalyptus is heavy.
A few more piles of downed trees & limbs.
And a few more.
Looking better!
Just a few hours work and you can see the ground and walk all over!
Lots more to go, but progress is happening!

19 May 2011

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